Current work

Current work

The first two P.Macquarie volumes are currently in preparation:

  • P.Macquarie I: A Coptic Magical Codex, edd. M. Choat and I. Gardner.
  • P.Macquarie II: Ptolemaic Documents, ed. R.R.E. Cook.

Two further volumes are planned

  • P.Macquarie III: Selected Greek, Coptic, Demotic, and Old Nubian texts.
  • P.Macquarie IV: The Aspidas Archive.

Also in preparation is:

  • A Palaeographical Handbook to the Macquarie Papyri, ed. D.C. Barker.

As a priority, the committee is working on a descriptive catalogue of the collection, which will be placed on this site. It is also hoped to make images of all the Macquarie papyri available online in the future. In the meantime, images of some are available in the right hand columns of these pages.

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