Membership of the ARC project (DP1093687) research team consists of:

They will be assisted, inter alios, by

Dr John Sheldon B.A.(Syd.) , M.A.(Cantab.), PhD (Macquarie), FRAS

ACRC - Research - Serica - Personel - SheldonI was Master of the Lower School at Sydney Grammar School from 1969 till 2001 and taught Greek, Latin and Sanskrit there. On retirement from the School I was invited to become a Senior Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Ancient History at Macquarie University. I have worked there under the direction of Professor Sam Lieu. My studies and research have involved the study of Middle Iranian dialects for the purpose of reading Buddhist and Manichaean texts. I am preparing an edition of a trilingual Manichaean prayer and confessional book. In 2005 I enrolled as a PhD student and have worked on selected references to the Far East in Greek and Latin authors under the supervision of Professor Lieu; this resulted in the award of the degree. I teach Sanskrit to students enrolled at Macquarie.



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  • Texts of Greek and Latin Authors On the Far East (translation of compilation by G. Coedès) (Brepols 2011).


  • 'Herodotus and the Iranian tradition' in 'Thinking like a Lawyer' (Festschrift for Emeritus Professor John Crook; Mnemosyne Supplement Vol CCXXXI) (Leiden 2002) pp 167-180.
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  • 'The Ethnic Identity of the Mummies found in the Tarim Basin' review article in Asian Ethnicity Vol 5, 1, 2004 pp 121-128.
  • 'The Wider Context : Common Elements in Indo-Iranian, Greek and other Poetic Traditions and Mythologies' review of M.L.WestIndo-European Poetry and Myth in JRAS 3 19 4 2009 pp1-20.
Mr Gil Davis

ACRC - Research - Serica - Personel - David gilGil Davis is undertaking a PhD in the Department of Ancient History. His primary research interest is the development of the archaic Athenian polis with a focus on law and coinage. He is also collaborating with Assoc. Professor Damian Gore (Department of Environment and Geography) in a project aimed at quickly and accurately analysing silver coinage using XRF to help determine provenance and authenticity.

Tristan Doust (Technical Officer)

ACRC - Research - Serica - Personel - TristanTristan is currently studying an Arts Degree focusing on Chinese History. He has broad interests, covering both Modern and Ancient periods of Chinese History. Recently Tristan has taken an interest in both the Western and Eastern Han periods. In addition to this he is presently studying Mandarin as well as Classical Chinese. Tristan's interest in learning Classical Chinese is for the purpose of trying his hand at translating and understanding important historical texts such as that of the Hou Han Shu.

The Australian team will also collaborate officially with a number of distinguished scholars:

Dr Jonathan Markley (PI1)

University of Southern California at Fullerton, USA

Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams FBA (PI2)

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Associate Professor Geoffrey Greatrex (PI3)

University of Ottawa, Canada

Professor Torbjörn Lodén (PI4)

University of Stockholm, Sweden

Torbjörn Lodén is Professor of Chinese language and culture at Stockholm University and Director of the Stockholm Confucius Institute. He is Fellow of the Swedish Royal Academy of Letters.

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