Markers of Authenticity

Markers of Authenticity

Markers of Authenticity is a cross-disciplinary research network which hosts conversations about the markers of authenticity in human experience of the contemporary and past worlds from a range of perspectives.This broad research program takes in issues as diverse as: 
  • authorial and creative practice Malcolm Choat
  • memory and cognition 
  • cultural heritage 
  • looting and the antiquities trade
  • forgery
  • the ethics of our relationship with the past and with its living representatives
  • the experience of museums in the digital age 

These issues form the starting points for interdisciplinary discussions ranging over the three research themes within the Faculty of Arts Strategic Research Framework.

The research program includes the following projects:

Upcoming Events

Scripture, Reception, and Authenticity: A workshop of the ACRC series ‘Markers of Authenticity’ (9th September, 1–6 pm)

Enquires about the Markers of Authenticity Seminar Series should be sent by email to Malcolm Choat.

Check out the Markers of Authenticity blog here:

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