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Frontier Technologies

The ACRC is a cross-disciplinary centre, which seeks to apply all available techniques to the study of the ancient world. To that end, centre members undertake projects using the latest technologies and scientific models to analyse ancient artefacts, and seek new collaborations with researchers in other fields studying the ancient world.

Analytical challenges with the analysis of heavily weathered bronze coins

CIs: Gore, Karl Van Dyke, Alanna Fernandes, Deb Kane, Justin Payne, Norman Pearson and John Bennett.

A spring of silver, a treasury in the earth: coinage and wealth in archaic Athens

CIs: K. Sheedy, D. Gore

This project studies the impact of locally mined silver on the public treasury of the Athenians, and thus on the developing political economy of this important city-state during the years c.550-480 BC, by examining its employment for the minting of coins.

Composition of authentic and non-authentic Roman glassware

CIs: D. Gore, Caroline Humphrey, Karl Van Dyke, Anne Rich and Helen Pask; Christopher Marjo (UNSW; Gary Pritchard (PANalytical).

Biomolecular composition of complex embalming 'recipes' in Egyptian prehistoric burials

CIs: Jana Jones (Ancient History, MQ), Ron Oldfield (Microscopy Unit, Biological Sciences, MQ), Dr Thomas Higham (Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, Oxford University, UK), Prof. Terry P. O'Connell and Dr Stephen Buckley (Departments of Archaeology, Biology and Chemistry, University of York, UK).

Will the real mummy please step forward: dating ancient Egyptian human remains in museum collections

CIs: Karin Sowada, Geraldine Jacobsen (ANSTO)

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