Junior Research Fellowships

Junior Research Fellowships

MQACRC Junior Research Fellowship 2016

The 2016 MQACRC Junior Research Fellowship has been awarded to Dr Lyndon Arden-Wong to conduct research on ‘Religious Architecture on the Periphery of the Tang Empire’. Lyndon wrote his PhD under the supervision of Dr Gunner Mikkelsen on ‘The Eastern Uighur Khaganate: An exploration of Inner Asian architectural and cultural exchange’, graduating in 2015. During his PhD, Lyndon conducted extensive fieldwork in Mongolia, and will continue this research in his JRF, strengthening the MQACRC’s research program in ancient China and the Silk Road.

Cognitive Science/MQACRC Interdisciplinary Award

Dr Louise Gosbell has been awarded a Cognitive Science/MQACRC Interdisciplinary Award for 2016 to undertake a project entitled ‘She felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering’: The Phenomenology of the Senses in the Gospels”. Louise was awarded her PhD for a thesis entitled ‘The Poor, the Crippled, the Blind, and the Lame’: Physical and Sensory Disability in the Gospels of the New Testament’, supervised by Prof. Larry Welborn (Fordham University, New York), in 2016. This award has been generously funded by the Department of Cognitive Science at Macquarie University, where Louise will work with Professor Amanda Barnier (Cognitive Science), and MQACRC Associate Director Dr Linda Evans, increasing the collaboration between Cognitive Science and Ancient Cultures at Macquarie.

ACANS/ MQACRC Early Career Research Fellowship 2016

Dr John Shannahan, who completed his PhD on Artaxerxes II under A/Prof. Paul McKechnie in 2015, has been awarded the ACANS/ MQACRC Early Career Research Fellowship for 2016, co-funded by the MQACRC and its partner research centre the Australasian Centre for Ancient Numismatic studies (ACANS). John will undertake his project on ‘Iconography and imperial power in the late Achaemenid Empire’, working with A/Prof. Ken Sheedy in ACANS on the Cilician staters of Tiribazus.

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