Edited Books

Choat, M. and Giorda (eds), Writing and Communication (Brill: forthcoming).

Scholarly Book Chapters

Parry, K. '"What can the Pearl of a King do?" The Idea of Holy Wealth in Byzantium', in A. Hintz and A. Williams (eds), Holy Wealth: Accounting for This World and The Next in Religious Belief and Practice. Festschrift for John R. Hinnells. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2016, 188-202.

Parry, K. ‘Byzantine-rite Christians (Melkites) in Central Asia and China and their Contacts with the Church of the East', in L. Tang and D. Winkler (eds), Winds of Jingjiao: Studies on Syriac Christianity in China and Central Asia. Vienna: Lit Verlag, 2016, 136-158.

Parry, K. 'The Doves of Antioch: Severus, Chalcedonians, Monothelites, and Iconoclasm', in J. D’Alton and Y. Youssef (eds), Severus of Antioch: Life and Times. Texts and Studies in Eastern Christianity, VII. Leiden: Brill (2016), 138-159.

Journal Articles

Parry, K. 'Reflections on a Silk Fragment from Toyuq: Christian or Manichaean?', Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology 7 (2012) (published 2016), 48-66.

Sheedy, K. et al, 'Neutron tomographic analysis: Material characterization of silver and electrum coins from the 6th and 5th centuries BCE.' Materials Characterisation 118 (2016) 175-185.

Conference Papers

Evans, L., Pigs, pelicans, and predators at Beni Hassan, in International Symposium on Animals in Ancient Egypt (Lyon, France).

Parry, K. Theodore the Stoudite: the most original iconophile?, invited paper for the conference Theodore the Stoudite: Intellectual Context, Logic, and Theological Significance, University of Vienna, March 2016 (forthcoming in Texts and Studies in Eastern Christianity series, Brill, 2017).

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