The Australian Centre for Egyptology

The Australian Centre for Egyptology

Egyptology ECKWelcome to the website of the Australian Centre for Egyptology, a division of the Macquarie University Ancient Cultures Research Centre. Please use the links below to view our site.

Australian Centre for Egyptology Fieldwork Sites

Eqyptology - Helwan site Helwan: Ezbet el-Walda Egyptology - Abu Rawash site
Abu Rawash: 1st Dynasty Elite Cemetery
Egyptology - Burial pit and west wall of IaahhewetMeir (El-Qusiya): Re-recording and Study of the Site Egyptology - TehnaTehna: An Old Kingdom Cemetery in Middle Egypt Egyptology - Right side in situThebes: Dra Abu el-Naga

News and Events for  2018

New publications

Beni Hassan Vol IIl "The Tombs of Senbi I and Wekhhotep l" Report 41

By Naguib Kanawati and Linda Evans, with contributions by L. Donovan, M. Lashien,, A.- L. Mourad, R Parker, S. Shafik. A. Suleiman and N. Victor.

Death is Only The Beginning "Egyptian funerary customs at the Museum of Ancient Cultures Macquarie University" Studies 11

Yann Tristant and Ellen M. Ryan (editors).

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Events for 2019


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