Markers of Authenticity

Markers of Authenticity

Markers of Authenticity is a cross-disciplinary research network that hosts conversations about the markers of authenticity in human experience of the contemporary and past worlds from a range of perspectives.

The Markers of Authenticity seminar series features guests with diverse interests from wide-ranging institutions across Australia.

This series asks the following questions:

  • How do we confidently access and understand the past, and assimilate it into our present?
  • On what basis do we trust our observations of, or what we are told about, the past and the world around us?
  • What are the markers of authenticity, and to whom do we accord the authority to determine and tell us about them?

Markers of Authenticity takes in issues as diverse as: 

  • authorial and creative/scribal practice 
  • memory and cognition 
  • cultural heritage 
  • looting and the antiquities trade
  • forgery
  • the ethics of our relationship with the past and with its living representatives
  • the experience of museums in the digital age 
  • the sciences and the humanities
  • new technology in ancient studies.

To explore these issues, we ask questions such as:

  • How do we detect and guard against forgery, and what do forgeries of artefacts, and the manner in which we detect them, say about the relationship of present to past, and the importance of the past to the present?
  • How can the process of drafting and copying be best understood?
  • What legal mechanisms apply to the acquisition and study of artefacts, and how does this affect our relationship with them?
  • Who determines the authenticity of an expression of cultural identity, and on what basis should these decisions be made?

You can visit our Markers of Authenticity blog to find out more about how we address these issues. Enquiries about the seminar series should be sent by email to Malcolm Choat.

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