About us

About us


Launched in 2011, the International Governance and Performance (IGAP) Network provides a dynamic, outward-looking research platform that addresses contemporary issues in international governance and performance. IGAP is fast establishing itself as a recognised interdisciplinary research hub and aims to influence the international governance agenda through independent, and applicable research.

IGAP forges robust networks, and partners with business, government and professional communities, bringing the best minds together to respond to critical and emerging business issues in governance processes, financial reporting regimes and performance. 

Leading academic experts collaborate together on our leading-edge research projects. International visitors provided their valuable expertise and knowledge to further our research and vision, as well as a number of guest speakers presenting at research seminars. We consult closely with our Industry Advisory Board to ensure our research is relevant to Australians and the world.

Major Themes 

  • Auditing and assurance services
  • Corporate Governance
  • Environmental and social accounting, ethical investment, energy law
  • Financial / corporate accounting and reporting
  • International accounting and national & organisational culture
  • Management accounting and management control systems
  • Professional and business ethics

Research Objectives

  • Delivering research that explores and shapes real world issues
  • Building strategic partnerships that advance knowledge and practice
  • Facilitating a collegiate and nurturing research environment
  • Building a reputation for contemporary research and thought leadership

More Information and Contacts

Wanting to complete Higher Degree Research in one of our areas of expertise? Contact the HDR Team.

Have an idea for cutting-edge research you would like to collaborate with us on? Contact the IGAP Team.

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