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Centre Papers



"The value of health information" by Dr Henry Cutler

Never has there been so much information so readily available, but despite improvements in information technology, our health system is struggling to maximise its true value.

In this paper Dr Henry Cutler, Director of Macquarie’s Centre for the Health Economy looks at why more information doesn’t necessarily translate to better healthcare. View or download 


"Overview of the 2016 Federal Health Budget" by Dr Henry Cutler

The biggest winner from the federal health budget is the government, while the biggest losers are private providers reliant on the MBS, and aged care providers reliant on ACFI funding.

The ability of providers to pass on lost revenue to patients through increased co-payments will ultimately determine whether this budget hurts the hip pockets of Australians.  Read our overview of this year's health budget. View or download


"Competition in health and human service" by Dr Henry Cutler

Introducing greater competition in health care is appealing. Standard economic theory suggests increased competition can deliver greater choice and improve productivity.  But health care is complex. It is unlike the retail sector where people are relatively well informed and purchases are repeated. Nor does it operate like utilities, where the product is relatively homogenous and the primary objective for operators is efficiency.  

In this paper Dr Cutler explores the role of Competition Policy in health and human services and its impact on outcomes. View or download

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