Part of the Centre's remit is to provide to industry topical and important information regarding health policy and industry trends.  From time to time we we host public forums with guest speakers and members of the team are often invited to speak at industry events. 

Our presentations are arranged under the Centre's key focus areas below.



 What constitutes the value of health technologies?

Dr Henry Cutler, Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy - at MedTech 2015, Nov 11-12, 2015

In this presentation Dr Cutler looks at the various elements that go into creating the value of health technologies.


Disinvestment and value-based purchasing strategies for pharmaceuticals: An international review.

Dr Bonny Parkinson, MUCHE - at Australian Health Economists Society Meeting, Brisbane 

Dr Parkinsons' presentation at the 2015 AHES conference focused on trends in disinvestment and value based purchasing for pharmaceuticals from an international perspective.



Health technology assessment in Australia - some surgery required?

Dr Henry Cutler, Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy - at MedTech 2015, Nov 11-12, 2015

Dr Cutler explores the economics of health technology suggesting - Health technology assessment in Australia - some surgery required.


Competition in health care - can we learn from the UK?

Professor Carol Propper, Imperial College London - at Macquarie University, November 24, 2015

Professor Propper's presentation looks at the implementation of competition in the UK from 2004 and asks the question - Can we learn from the UK experience?

Choice not chance determines your destiny

Dr Henry Cutler, MUCHE - at Macquarie University A2B Symposium, Grace Hotel Sydney October 20, 2015

Dr Cutler examines the role of choice in patient outcomes in relation to the choice of physician, treatment and hospital care - Choice, not chance determines your destiny.

Competition Policy Review and health care

Professor Ian Harper, chair of the Federal Government's review into Australia's competition policy - Macquarie Thought Leadership Lunch, April 22, 2015

Professor Ian Harper presents the findings of the 2015 review into Australian competition policy, and outlines its recommendations in relation to the health care sector - The Competition Policy Review



Social Insurance in China

Dr Zhiming Cheng, MUCHE - at Academy of Social Sciences Annual Symposium, Canberra Nov 16-18, 2015

Dr Cheng presentation reveals the introduction of insurance into China following the implementation of Social Insurance Law in 2011

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