Prof Bernard Van den Berg

Prof Bernard Van den Berg

Professor of Health Economics


Professor Bernard Van den Berg
Professor of Health Economics

Phone:+612 850 2981

Research Interests
Valuing health and non-health outcomes
Econometric analysis of health care panel data
Evaluation of health care provider quality


Professor van den Berg is a Professor of Health Economics at Macquarie University and is affiliated with the Macquarie University’s Centre for the Health Economy and the Department of Economics. Previously Bernard was Professor of Health Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Bernard holds a MSc in Social and Institutional Economics from Utrecht University and a PhD in Health Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He was previously employed in the Centre for Health Economics of University of York (United Kingdom), the Department of Health Sciences of the VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands), the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation of the University of Technology Sydney (Australia). Bernard had also a visiting position at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona in Spain: the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences and the Centre for Research in Health and Economics.

Bernard has explored how to measure health care providers’ performances using multidimensional quality and cost indicators as well as using hospital data on patient satisfaction. He also developed a survey methodology to attribute a monetary value to patients’ time and tested the method on patients receiving radiotherapy in a Dutch hospital.

His recent research includes conceptualising and applied econometric analysis of provider and managed competition in health care as well as the health insurance market. He is also interested the economic impact of alternative strategies to purchase or contract health and long term care like pay for performance. Bernard also develops and refines methods to value the benefits of health care consumption like e.g. the monetary value of health, quality adjusted life years and subjective wellbeing.

Publications and reports

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