People - The Intelligent Systems Group

People - The Intelligent Systems Group



Listed here are the current staff, postgraduate students, honorary associates and research fellows who make up the Intelligent Systems Group.

Academic staff

Dr. Peter Busch

Dr. Peter Busch [Faculty Member; PhD Computer Science, 2004, Macquarie University, Australia] Knowledge Management, Knowledge Acquisition and Reuse, Qualitative Modelling, Organisational Learning.

Dr. Abhaya Nayak

Dr. Abhaya Nayak [Faculty Member; PhD Philosophy, 1994, Rochester University, USA] Belief Revision, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Reasoning about Action, and Intelligent Information Assimilation.

Dr. Mehmet A. Orgun

Dr. Mehmet A. Orgun [Faculty Member; PhD Computer Science, 1991, University of Victoria (UVic), Canada] Intelligent agents amd multi-agent systems, temporal reasoning, knowledge discovery and dataflow computation.

Prof. Shoba Ranganathan

Prof. Shoba Ranganathan [Professor of Bioinformatics, Department of Chemistry (Macquarie); PhD Chemistry, 1983, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi] Computational Structural Biology, Comparative Genome Sequence Analysis.

Dr. Deborah  Richards

Dr. Deborah Richards [Faculty Member; PhD Computer Science, 1999, University of New South Wales, Australia] Knowledge management, ripple down rules.

Dr. Yan Wang

Dr. Yan Wang [Faculty Member; Doctorate Degree of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology , 1996, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), P. R. China ] Trusted computing, mobile agents, social networks, web services, security, e-commerce.

Dr. Jian Yang

Dr. Jian Yang [Faculty Member; PhD Multidatabase Systems, 1995, The Australian National University] Web service technology; business process management; interoperability, trust and security issues in digital libraries and e-commerce; social networks.

Postgraduate students

Oldooz Dianat

Oldooz Dianat [PhD Student] Bayesian games, epistemic logics, model checking.

Md. Abul Kalam Farhad

Md. Abul Kalam Farhad [MRes Student] Data mining.

Mahmud Hasan

Mahmud Hasan [PhD Student, Macquarie University, Australia] Semantic web, information extraction, ontologies.

Armin Hezart

Armin Hezart [PhD Student, Macquarie University, Australia] Coalition in a multi-agent system, knowledge formation and representation.

Sudath Heiyanthuduwage

Sudath Heiyanthuduwage [PhD Student] E-learning systems, ontologies, description logics.

Kalyan Janakiraman

Kalyan Janakiraman [PhD Student] Spatio-temporal reasoning, image analysis.

Hong Lai

Hong Lai [PhD Student] Quantum cryptography, security.

Rock Mei

Rock Mei [PhD Student] Social networks, recommender systems.

Raj Shrestha

Raj Shrestha [MRes Student] Data mining.

Xiaoming Zheng

Xiaoming Zheng [PhD Student] Trusted computing, social networks, recommender systems.

Associates & Fellows

Dr. Shermin Akhter

Dr. Shermin Akhter [Honorary Associate; PhD Computer Science, 2012, Macquarie University, Australia] Gene mapping, machine learning.

Dr. Lee Flax

Dr. Lee Flax [Senior Research Fellow; PhD Computer Science, 2003, Macquarie University, Australia] Logic, hamming distance between formulae, belief revision.

Dr. Norman Foo

Dr. Norman Foo [Honorary Associate (UNSW); PhD Computer Science, 1974, University Of Michigan, USA] logic and model theory applied to areas in descending order of priority - artificial intelligence, systems theory, and software correctness.

Dr. Dzung Le

Dr. Dzung Le [Honorary Associate; PhD Computer Science, 2012, Macquarie University, Australia] Semi-structured Databases, Query Optimization.

Dr. Chuchang Liu

Dr. Chuchang Liu [Honorary Associate (DSTO); PhD Computer Science, 1999, Macquarie University, Australia] Formal methods, secure computing, temporal logic.

Dr. Wei Qiang Lin

Dr. Wei Qiang Lin [Honorary Associate (ATO); PhD Computer Science, 2004, Macquarie University, Australia] Temporal data-mining, deductive databases.

Dr Leszek Maciaszek

Dr Leszek Maciaszek [Honorary Associate; PhD University of Economics, Wroclaw, Poland, 1977] Enterprise information systems, databases, object technology, and software engineering.

Bhavna Orgun

Bhavna Orgun [Honorary Associate, MSc(Hons), 2003, Macquarie University, Australia] Ontology negotiation protocols, multi-agent systems, machine learning.

Dr. Morri Pagnucco

Dr. Morri Pagnucco [Honorary Associate (UNSW / NICTA); PhD Computer Science, 1996, University of Sydney , Australia] Belief revision, reasoning about actions, computational aspects, approaches to abduction/explanation, theory revision and scientific theory formation.

Dr. Yusuf Pisan

Dr. Yusuf Pisan [Honorary Associate (UTS); PhD Computer Science, 1998, Northwestern University, USA] Interactive Entertainment and Computer Games, Computer Graphics, Diagrammatic Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning, Planning, and Software Engineering.

Dr. Mikhail Prokopenko

Dr. Mikhail Prokopenko [Honorary Associate (CSIRO); PhD Computer Science, 2001, Macquarie University, Australia] Entropy and self-organisation in complex multi-agent systems and networks, artificial life and distributed artificial intelligence, logic of actions, and autonomous reasoning systems.

Dr. Liyin Xue

Dr. Liyin Xue [Honorary Associate (ATO); PhD Computer Science, 2003, Macquarie University, Australia] Data mining, real time collaborative editing systems.

Dr. Kebing Zhang

Dr. Kebing Zhang [Honorary Associate; PhD Computer Science, 2008, Macquarie University, Australia] Visual data mining, visual programming.

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