Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generator

Superior Chiller Performance Through Exceptional Air Quality

Superdry Nitrogen Supply

Users familiar with Bruker's BCUII chiller units will be used to achieving sample temperatures down to around 240K, but to work much below this typically requires a dewar of liquid nitrogen and the use of a liquid nitrogen evaporator.

As part of the refurbishment works undertaken by Macquarie University in 2016, a sophisticated super-dry compressed air plant was constructed to supply the NMR Facility with the air quality required to push these routine operating temperatures down to 200 K. Essentially this comes down to maintaining a dew point well below -80ºC, and the Macquarie University NMR Facility is currently able to maintain a dew point of approximately -94ºC.  Remote monitoring of the supply air quality, as determined by dew point, contaminant level and pressure differentials across the system, allows the system to be pushed to its limits whilst simultaneously checking in real time for any impact on performance.

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