Research at CUDOS @ MQ


The astrophotonics group is focused on the design and development of integrated photonic devices for Earth-like exoplanet hunting. Our research interests range from integrated photonic spectrographs to OH line suppression and many of our devices have already been successfully tested on-sky.

Research Interests

Integrated Photonic Spectrograph (IPS). The IPS reduces the size of a conventional spectrograph by many orders of magnitude and it is one of the main dispersive elements for exoplanet hunting as part of the PANDORA project.

Dragonfly is a new generation of integrated pupil remapper, where the light coming from the telescope is reformatted for nulling interferometry. This ongoing project in the C-band has recently started moving to the midIR, where planet-star contrast improves dramatically.

The Integrated Photonic Lantern provides an efficient interface between multimode "light buckets" fibres and high-fidelity single-mode photonic devices.


  • Prof. Michael Withford
  • Dr Alexander Arriola
  • Dr Simon Gross
  • Izabella Spaleniak
  • Glen Douglas
  • Thomas Gretzinger

Former Members

  • Dr Nemanja Jovanovic
  • Dr Nick Cvetojevic
  • Dionne Haynes
  • Geraldine Marien


Telescopes we have worked at...

Anglo Australian Telescope (Coonabarabran, Australia)Macquarie University Telescopes (Sydney, Australia)Subaru Telescope (Hawaii, USA)


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