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Time: Thursday 18th of October from 12:00 to 13:00.

Location: Multipurpose Room

Speaker: Matthew O'Brien

Title: Magneto-mechanical trapping of micro-diamonds at low pressures


Many modern quantum technologies require motional oscillators with ultra-high motional Q-factors. One approach to building these oscillators is to trap micron sized particles in 3D. Ion traps or optical traps suffer from several difficulties including electrodynamic noise due to patch fields, damage to the particles due to unwanted laser heating, as well as challenges in achieving higher trap frequencies. However, the greatest challenge in levitation for quantum engineering appears to be maintaining confinement of the trapped particle in the Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) regime over extended periods of time. In this talk, we report a novel magnetic trap which confines a micro-diamond in 3D and which requires no active power. We design, model, fabricate and test the operation of our magneto-mechanical trap and experimentally demonstrate trapping at High Vacuum, close to the boundary of Ultra-High-Vacuum. We measure the fluctuations of the trapped micro-diamond as a function of pressure and find good agreement with Brownian theory.

QSciTech journal club:

Time: Thursday 25th of October from 13:00 to 14:00 pm.

Location: Multipurpose room

Chair: Yuval Sanders AND Cyril Laplane

Purpose: To improve collaboration between members of QSciTech by providing a forum in which to share and discuss meaningful research in quantum science and technology.


  • Takes the form of a shared lunch break once per fortnight.
  • Opportunity for QSciTech members to share news and discuss current research.
  • Each lunch is run by a chairperson, who is responsible for moderating discussion.
  • Each QSciTech member is encouraged to present an item for discussion.

Acceptable Discussion Items:

Any respectable scholarly output on the subject of quantum science and technology. Examples of possible discussion items:

  • Peer-reviewed journal publications.
  • Accepted Master’s or PhD theses.
  • ArXiv preprints.
  • Talks and lectures (should be transcribed).
  • Research blog posts.
  • Corrections or retractions (look at for inspiration).
  • Books or book reviews.

You are encouraged to present your own work!

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