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News and events

Current events QSciTech

QSciTech Seminar:

Location: Multipurpose room

Time: Wednesday 19th December

Speaker: Ajit Srivastava

Title: Single photons, phonons and spins atomically thin WSe2

Abstract: Monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), such as WSe2, are atomically thin semiconductors with a “valley” degree of freedom, which can be optically addressed, thus opening up exciting possibilities for “valleytronics". Recently, naturally occurring single quantum emitters, believed to be excitons trapped in shallow potentials, were reported in TMDs. They seem to inherit the valley degree of freedom from the host TMD and owing to their longer lifetimes, appear promising for quantum information processing applications.

In this talk, I will begin by highlighting some unique properties of TMDs excitons which result from the off-Gamma-point origin of the constituent single particle electronic states. After describing the basic properties of quantum dots in TMDs, I will present evidence for quantum entanglement between chiral phonons of the 2D host and single photons emitted from the quantum dots. I will also present evidence for optical initialization of single spin-valley in WSe2 FET devices. Finally, I will discuss our future plans for implementing a dynamically tunable array of qubits in pristine TMDs which can serve as an ideal platform for quantum information processing applications and also for understanding fundamental many-body physics.

QSciTech journal club:

Time: To be confirmed next year

Location: Multipurpose room

Chair: Yuval Sanders AND Cyril Laplane

Purpose: To improve collaboration between members of QSciTech by providing a forum in which to share and discuss meaningful research in quantum science and technology.


  • Takes the form of a shared lunch break once per fortnight.
  • Opportunity for QSciTech members to share news and discuss current research.
  • Each lunch is run by a chairperson, who is responsible for moderating discussion.
  • Each QSciTech member is encouraged to present an item for discussion.

Acceptable Discussion Items:

Any respectable scholarly output on the subject of quantum science and technology. Examples of possible discussion items:

  • Peer-reviewed journal publications.
  • Accepted Master’s or PhD theses.
  • ArXiv preprints.
  • Talks and lectures (should be transcribed).
  • Research blog posts.
  • Corrections or retractions (look at for inspiration).
  • Books or book reviews.

You are encouraged to present your own work!

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