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Time: Thursday 26th of April from 12:00 to 13:00 pm

Speaker: The speaker is Tan Si Hui from Singapore University of Technology and Design

Title: A quantum code for quantum homomorphic encryption and malleable quantum shared secrets


In today’s computing landscape, the adopted infrastructure is one of a distributed network in which computational tasks can be delegated to remote computers, and information can be shared among multiple nodes of the distributed network. Protocols are needed to protect the security of the data during computation, even when the computation is done in a distributed manner. Homomorphic encryption and function evaluations of shared secrets are two such protocols. I will present a quantum code that allows the evaluation of Clifford- and T-gate evaluations on encrypted quantum data, and on quantum shared secrets. These properties form the basis for quantum analogues of homomorphic encryption and function evaluations of shared secrets respectively. The gates are performed transversally on qubits that form a logical qubit, but special provisions have to be made for the T-gates in order to provide the security in these protocols. This highlights the use of quantum codes for secure delegated quantum computations, and paves a way forward for creating more protocols.

QSciTech journal club:

Time: Friday 4th of May from 12:00 to 13:00 pm.

Location: Multipurpose room

Chair: Yuval Sanders

Purpose: To improve collaboration between members of QSciTech by providing a forum in which to share and discuss meaningful research in quantum science and technology.


  • Takes the form of a shared lunch break once per fortnight.
  • Opportunity for QSciTech members to share news and discuss current research.
  • Each lunch is run by a chairperson, who is responsible for moderating discussion.
  • Each QSciTech member is encouraged to present an item for discussion.

Acceptable Discussion Items:

Any respectable scholarly output on the subject of quantum science and technology. Examples of possible discussion items:

  • Peer-reviewed journal publications.
  • Accepted Master’s or PhD theses.
  • ArXiv preprints.
  • Talks and lectures (should be transcribed).
  • Research blog posts.
  • Corrections or retractions (look at for inspiration).
  • Books or book reviews.

You are encouraged to present your own work!

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