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QSciTech speaker will be Alexander Solntsev from UTS.                                                                                                                                                           

Time: Thursday 23rd of November at 12pm                                                                                               Location: Multipurpose room                                                                                                                         Speaker: Alexander Solntstev

Title: Quantum optics on a nonlinear chip

Abstract: Quantum entanglement is a special connection between the particles, which enables correlations without interaction. Entangling photons, elementary particles of light, brings the promise of secure communication and ultra-fast quantum computing. Another phenomenon called optical nonlinearity allows interaction between electro-magnetic waves of different colors. Bringing the concepts of quantum entanglement and optical nonlinearity together, and integrating them on a chip, opens a way to efficiently generate entangled photons and tune the entanglement.

QSciTech speaker will be Meenu Kumari from Wilfrid Laurier University. 

 Time: Thursday 30th of November at 12pm                                                                                             Location: Multipurpose room
 Speaker: Meenu Kumari

Title: Quantum-classical correspondence and its effect on the dynamics of quantum entanglement in kicked top


A complete understanding of quantum-classical correspondence, especially in the chaotic limit and in the deep quantum regime is still lacking. We study this correspondence in the model, quantum kicked top (QKT). This is a multiqubit system whose dynamics is governed by successive twists and turns of the collective angular momentum operator. This system is of particular interest because it displays bifurcations, regular behaviour as well as chaotic behaviour in the classical limit, and is one of the few systems that has been experimentally realized in the quantum regime. We analyze the effects of classical periodic orbits and their stability on the quantum dynamics in kicked top using Husimi distribution functions. We find the conditions under which there is a good classical-quantum correspondence in the deep quantum regime. Further, we study the effects of classical periodic orbits, their stability, and chaos on the dynamics of quantum entanglement. It is still debated whether quantum entanglement can be used as an indicator of quantum chaos even in one model, QKT. We resolve this using inequalities related to von Neumann entropy and we establish quantum entanglement as an indicator of quantum chaos in the semiclassical regime in QKT. We also identify signatures of classical bifurcations in the time-averaged entanglement entropy. Our analysis provides new insights into the effects of classical dynamics on the quantum dynamics of systems, especially in deeply quantum regime.

QSciTech journal club:

Purpose: To improve collaboration between members of QSciTech by providing a forum in which to share and discuss meaningful research in quantum science and technology.

Time: Friday 17th of November from 13:00 to 14:30 pm.

Location: Formula lounge, room E6B 2.401.

Chair: Yuval Sanders

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