Our research outcomes are often of benefit to industry partners, government bodies and the community. We aim to engage with external organisations to generate, acquire, apply and make accessible the knowledge, derived from our research. The Centre has a lengthy track record in collaborative projects with industry partners. We have collaborated with local and international partners in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, medical devices, engineering technology, water recycling and supply, defence and life sciences. These projects are often part funded via Macquarie University grants or the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Grant scheme.

The services we can offer include joint collaborative projects, contract research, consulting and the use of laboratory facilities.

Joint Collaborative Projects – Staff of the MQ Photonics Research Centre are eligible for funding to establish collaborative projects with external partners such as industry and government bodies. Please direct any enquiries directly towards to the research group leader. Funding opportunities is available through the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Grant and the Macquarie University Partnerships and Seeding Grant Schemes.

Contract Research – Contract research projects provide an avenue for external parties to undertake research projects with greatest control of the project plan and intellectual ownership. Contracts are is normally facilitated through the Research Office or Access MQ . Please direct any enquiries directly towards research group leaders.

Consulting – MQ Photonics Research Centre staff are generally available for consulting. Please direct any enquiries directly towards the prospective consulting staff member.

Laboratory Facilities – MQ Photonics has major facilities that can be accessed by external parties. The following services are available:

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