About Us

About Us

MQ Photonics is a Macquarie University Research Centre with 30 academic staff and approximately similar numbers of postdocs and research students (mostly PhD). The Centre has a substantial history of optics research in Australia. It emerged from the Centre for Lasers and Applications (CLA ; established in 1988) and, though based in Physics, enjoys a membership spanning several Departments and research groups across the University.

The Centre aims to elevate the international standing of scientific and technological research that has been well established at Macquarie University for many years. To achieve this, we undertake fundamental and applied research in the general area of lasers and photonics, with particular focus on the following seven frontiers of optical science: astrophotonics; biophotonics; microphotonic optical systems;  nano-optics and nanophotonics ; photonic sources; optical sensing and imaging; ultrafast laser applications. Our strategic objectives include: fostering higher-degree research (HDR) student activities, with enhanced enrolment, participation and completion rates; enhancing opportunities for our researchers to interact with external partners such as other universities, commercial organisations, and government agencies; facilitating access to major sources of competitive research funding (including external project grants, research fellowships, equipment and facility grants, large-scale research centres, linkages, and commercial support/partnerships for development of intellectual property); encouraging teaching excellence, not only in optics, lasers and photonics but also in physics, electronic engineering, optoelectronics, astronomy, biophysics, and beyond; serving as community resource, offering expert advice and outreaching support.

We offer a large selection of challenging postgraduate research projects for PhD and Masters candidates, together with scholarships for suitably qualified applicants.

Macquarie University is particularly fortunate to be based in Sydney Australia – a city of culture, commerce, technology, climate, recreation, and lifestyle, all in a scenic harbour location amongst diverse natural beauty. We are located in Sydney's north, close to a major business area (Macquarie Park), the Lane Cove River National Park, and attractive residential areas; the campus is served by a city rail link and nearby arterial road corridors.

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