Photonic sources/ laser applications

Photonic sources/ laser applications

The US National Academy of Engineering counts lasers and optical fibre technology as one of the 20 great achievements of the 20th century. MQ Photonics is an international leader in the development of new lasers and photonic sources for science and engineering applications in the 21st century. This traditional strength of Macquarie Photonics and the earlier Centre for Lasers and Applications is a field of research in its own right and an underpinning capability for other research banners. Research activities under this Banner in MQ Photonics include

  • Raman lasers and applications
  • THz photonics
  • Diamond: Raman lasers and optical-engineering
  • Mid IR and high power fibre lasers
  • Novel waveguide lasers
  • Topological beams
  • Tunable ultraviolet lasers
  • Optical trapping and levitation
  • Laser microfabrication

Research Groups

For further information please contact: A/Prof David Coutts and A/Prof Stuart Jackson

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