Centre of Australian Category Theory, Macquarie University:: Constitution

Centre of Australian Category Theory, Macquarie University:: Constitution



    This Constitution is the Constitution of the Macquarie University Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT) which is associated with the Division of Information and Communication Sciences at Macquarie University.


    To pursue vigorously our research into those parts of mathematics and computer science which find natural expression and advancement in terms of Category Theory and to train the highest quality research students.


    1. To advance significant research into Category Theory itself.

    2. To advance significant applications to other branches of mathematics, physics and computer science.

    3. To attract as Research Fellows the top recent PhDs in Category Theory and in perceived areas of application.

    4. To hold an active weekly Australian Category Seminar in conjunction with other Sydney universities.

    5. To collaborate productively with Category Theorists at the University of Sydney.

    6. To actively interact with the international mathematical community by accepting invitations to speak and join the scientific organizing committees of conferences, communicating electronically, refereeing and reviewing articles for international journals, travelling, and hosting Visiting Scholars at Macquarie.

    7. To train high-quality graduate students.

    8. To interact with industry.

    9. To attract external and internal research funding.


    1. The Director shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, after consultation with the Head of the Division of Information and Communication Sciences, for a period of five years or agreed lesser period. The Director will be eligible for reappointment for a further term or terms, each of up to five years.

    2. The Director will be responsible to the Head of the Division of Information and Communication Sciences for the day-to-day management, administration and direction of the Centre's activities on the Macquarie campus.


    1. Associate Directors of the Centre may be appointed by the Vice-chancellor, after consultation with the Head of the Division of Information and Communication Sciences, from among the academic staff members of the Centre.

    2. The period of appointment of Associate Directors shall, where appointed, be three years (renewable).


    1. Members of the University academic staff may apply to the Director to become members of the Centre. Members shall demonstrate their commitment to achieving the Centre's objectives by contributing to the work of the Centre.

    2. Additional academic and general staff appointed and funded from the Centre's resources shall also be members of the Centre, in addition to those staff covered by 6.1.


    1. There shall be an Advisory Board, to advise the Director of the Centre, which shall have responsibility for overseeing the academic activities of the Centre and which shall provide advice on long term strategies. Such a Board will comprise:

      1. The Vice-chancellor of Macquarie University, or her nominee

      2. The Director of CoACT

      3. All Associate Directors of CoACT

      4. The Head of the Division of Information and Communication Sciences

      5. Up to three other persons interested in the objectives of CoACT. Such persons shall be invited by the Vice-chancellor to become members of the Advisory Board. These members shall be from outside the Centre and the Division of Information and Communication Sciences and should include a person or persons from outside the University. Such persons shall serve for an initial period of two years (renewable).

    2. The Advisory Board shall be chaired by a member elected from among its members, other than the Director.

    3. The Advisory Board shall meet not less than twice a year.

    4. At any meeting of the Advisory Board, a majority of the total number of members for the time being of the Board constitutes a quorum.

    5. Notice of meetings shall be circulated to members of the Advisory Board at least seven days in advance of the date of the meeting.


    1. The Director of the Centre, acting by delegation from the Head of the Division of Information and Communication Sciences, shall be responsible for the management of the finances of the Centre pertaining to its activities on the Macquarie campus, including the budgetary management and control of expenditure of resources made available annually from the University's recurrent budget to the Division of Information and Communication Sciences specifically for the operation of the Centre.

    2. All monies received by, or on behalf of, or as a result of, the activities of the Centre at the Macquarie campus shall be paid directly to the Chief Financial Officer and Bursar of Macquarie University to be expended on the recommendation of the Director for the promotion of the objectives of the Centre. Macquarie University shall hold and invest the funds of the Centre alone or in connection with other monies in any manner or mode of investment as may be prescribed by its By-laws.


    A brief Annual Report shall be submitted by the Director to the Council of Macquarie University after the end of each calendar year.


    The Director shall initiate a review of the Centre six months prior to the completion of the approved term of office. The review will be conducted by one of the Deputy Vice-Chancellors, with appropriate external assessors. The continuation of the Centre shall be determined by Council following consideration of the report of the review by the Academic Policy and Planning Committee and the Academic Senate.


    This Constitution may be added to, amended or repealed by resolution of the University Council having considered any such recommendations placed before it by the Vice-chancellor following advice from the Director and the Advisory Board.

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