Research areas

Research areas

We apply macromolecular analytical expertise in the coherent study of functional life sciences networks. Our research aims to increase the understanding of the wide-ranging physiology displayed by living organisms as a result of their underlying genetic diversity.

We are pursuing research in:

  • Proteomics, glycomics, genomics
  • Biotechnology and chemical biology related to cell biology (human, animal, plant and microbe)
  • Human disease biomarker discovery
  • Agri-food quality trait discovery
  • Microbial physiology and pathogenicity
  • Gene transfer systems
  • Protein post-translational modifications and expression

Integrated technologies

Today’s ‘omics’ tools of genomics, proteomics, glycomics and bioinformatics are allowing the rapid discovery and analysis of gene inventories and phenotypes across a range of life-science applications. These are a focus of many groups now concentrated in the Centre. This integration is enabling new insights into a wide range of biological systems.

World-class biomolecular analysis

Our researchers are international and national leaders in their field. Early career researchers work alongside established scientists, which fosters growth and diversity in molecular approaches.

Researcher profiles

Microbial interactions. Photo: Ian Paulsen

Real-life applications

Our research facilitates the rapid discovery and analysis of gene inventories and phenotypes for a range of life-science applications. Using cutting-edge science, we are on the path to discoveries that will have uses in the commercial, health and environmental fields.
Research projects

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