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News and events



Date: Friday 2 November 2018

Time: 12:30-14:00

Location: Senate Room (C8A, 12 Wally's Walk, room 801)

Speakers: Dr Ross Hill (Research Services)

About: This workshop will provide strategic advice and guidance on how to complete your project description for the science disciplines, with a focus on structure, content, pitch and format.

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Date: Wednesday 7 November 2018

Time: 12:30-14:00

Location: 16 Wally's Walk, Senate Room 310

Speakers: Research Partnerships Managers and leading academic guest speakers

About: Agreements and contracts formalise the rights and obligations between parties to enable them to maximise benefits and mitigate risk. This session provides an overview of the main types of research agreements and contracts used for partner funded projects.

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Congratulations to Dr Andrew Care

- recently awarded a 2018 Early Career Fellowship from the Cancer Institute New South Wales (CINSW). Dr Care's research is using genetically engineered bacteria to produce biological nanoparticles that can be loaded with drugs to target cancer.

Congratulations to Ms Dennis Diaz

- recently awarded a Research Scholarship Award from the translational cancer research centre, Sydney Vital, to research the targeted photodynamic therapy of breast cancer with biological nanoparticles, supervised by Assoc Prof Anwar Sunna.

BioNetwork Research Symposium - a Fantastic Networking Event!

The BDDRC was a major sponsor of the BioNetwork Reseach symposium held on 13th April 2018 at Macquarie University, with the aim to foster our researchers' community across the Faculties of Science & Engineering and Medicine & Health Sciences with a common interest in the biosciences. Congratulations to our own Early Career Researchers for organising such a highly successful day, with many networking opportunities and collaborative outcomes!

Congratulations to our successful applicants in ARC Major Grants!

DECRA 2018 - Lindsay Parker: Intelligently linking nanoscience to neuroscience with glycan biology

DECRA 2018 - Amy Cain: Stronger Together: Understanding Antibiotic Synergy on a Molecular Level

Congratulations to Edward Moh on receiving the Award for Higher Degree Research by Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University.

Congratulations to Dominic Logel for being awarded CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform PhD Scholarship for his research on Designing a controllable Wolbachia viral vector.

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