Kindergarten to Year 6

Kindergarten to Year 6

Macquarie University Special Education Centre

MUSEC School for Children with Special Learning Needs

Features of the school:

  1. Research based teaching methods
  2. Assessment of current skills
  3. An individual program for each child
  4. Group and individual instruction
  5. Continual monitoring of progress
  6. A focus on the academic skills of literacy and numeracy
  7. Assistance in classroom self-management skills
  8. Assistance in the development of speech/language skills
  9. A positive teaching environment which fosters a positive attitude toward learning
  10. Collaboration with parents
  11. Transition to the next school environment

The aim of the program is to develop each child to maximum potential in both academic and classroom self-management skills.

MUSEC Charter

MUSEC Grievance Procedures

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