MUSEC School®

MUSEC School®

The MUSEC School caters for children who are in Kindergarten to year 6 who have Special Learning needs.

About the MUSEC School

At MUSEC School we believe in devoting a substantial amount of the time we have in the program to literacy and numeracy learning. In this way we maximise the opportunities for students to lay a solid foundation on which to build. Significant emphasis is also placed on developing independent work habits and social skills. Students are taught in small groups receiving intensive, individualised literacy and numeracy programs in the mornings. In the afternoon sessions, students access other Key Learning Areas in larger classes.

Features of the school program include:

  • Intensive, individualised small group instruction in literacy and numeracy by specialist teachers;
  • Instructional principles soundly based on research;
  • Close monitoring of student progress;
  • Program adjustment based on progress ensuring a truly individualised program;
  • Parent education in helping the student at home.
  • Transition to the student's next educational setting.

The educational programs within the MUSEC School have three major functions. Firstly, they operate as models demonstrating the most effective forms of special education practice. These facilities allow for the demonstration of exemplary Special Education programs whereby students of the University and persons from outside may observe those working with this client group. Secondly, university students undergoing Special Education training directly benefit from involvement in the programs and have first hand experience of working with these children as part of their course requirements. Thirdly, research and development of effective instructional procedures are on-going features of the programs.

All parents/caregivers of students participating in education programs at MUSEC are asked to read and sign a Research Agreement. The only way that educational practice can be improved is by research being conducted into the efficacy of instructional strategies (and studies on the efficacy of these educational approaches being published). Consequently, students are admitted to MUSEC School on the understanding that data collected may be used for research purposes. In fact, most of the data we collect forms part of our routine teaching practice anyway, informing instructional decision making. A signed Parental Agreement form is also a prerequisite for entry into the School.

Further Information and Applications

Selected Papers

Annual School Report

  • The School's latest Annual Report is available here.
  • For a copy of other years please contact the Business Manager on (02) 9850 9697
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