Why study at MUSEC

Why study at MUSEC

Direct relevance to a wide range of professional contexts

Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC) recognises that Special Education is relevant to many educational and related contexts. Primary and secondary classroom teachers, educational consultants, school managers, and many other educators, working in inclusive and specialised settings, will all benefit from the programs of study we offer. But we also recognise that Special Education is not just for teachers - psychologists, paediatricians, therapists, job support personnel, residential care staff, pre-school workers and other related professionals are all welcome to study Special Education.

A proven track record for quality training in Special Education

Macquarie has been a leading provider of quality training in Special Education in New South Wales for over thirty years. Many of the leading Special Educators obtained their Special Education qualification from Macquarie. Macquarie postgraduate students have won several Lee Mills Awards from the New South Wales Chapter of the Australian Association for Special Education over the past decade. In short, Macquarie sets the standard for excellence - why would you settle for less?

Study with cutting edge researchers

The academics at MUSEC don't just read the research, they help create it. Study with the experts who contribute to the current debates in the field and who publish their research in Special Education journals. A list of recent publications by MUSEC academics is can by found in MUSEC publications. You might also want to consider jointly researching with us.

A specialist centre of excellence in Special Education

At Macquarie University Special Education Centre, Special Education is our core business. MUSEC is the 'Centre for Research and Teaching in Special Education' and so, if you choose to study at Macquarie, you will study in a totally self-contained environment dedicated exclusively to Special Education.

Exemplary on-site Practicum

MUSEC turns theory and research into exemplary practice, seamlessly, by offering real Special Education classes on site within the Centre. Postgraduate students at Macquarie not only study with the academic experts but also practise new skills with the experts in the classroom. Practicum experience in the MUSEC School ensures your online studies are translated into classroom experience. The capstone unit in the new 2015 Masters Program (SPED828) allows you to plan and implement a teaching program in your workplace or other special education setting.

A truly postgraduate experience in Special Education

At MUSEC, we believe that postgraduate study means precisely that. We recognise the skills and experience graduates bring to postgraduate study and all of our postgraduate units are designed specifically with postgraduates in mind.

Recognised named qualifications in Special Education

At MUSEC what you see is what you get - a named postgraduate qualification in Special Education, from the Graduate Certificates in Special Education through to the Graduate Diploma in Special Education to the Master of Special Education. Why leave it to chance when you can opt for our industry standard qualification that unequivocally states that your postgraduate training is in Special Education.

Opportunities to specialise within Special Education

The Graduate Diploma in Special Education offers a thorough, generic training in Special Education, applicable in all contexts. Alternatively, choose a Graduate Certificate in Special Education and specialise in: Learning Difficulties Support Teaching; and Behaviour Support Teaching. Then again you might choose to research for a PhD on an even more specialised topic.

A flexible program of study

MUSEC is committed to providing rigorous, quality distance education programs with high levels of individualised student support. A combination of interactive video and Internet technologies is employed to provide the flexibility of distance learning without the disadvantages associated with many traditional distance programs. All units have an iLearn site where students can download coursework materials. The Master of Special EducationGraduate Diploma of Special EducationGraduate Certificate of Behaviour Support Teaching andGraduate Certificate of Learning Difficulties Support Teaching  are available by distance mode for both full and part-time students. Postgraduate research programs can also be completed by distance by negotiation with the student's supervisor. MUSEC welcomes applications from international students. Find out more about distance education at Macquarie here.

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