Undergraduate Coursework MUSEC

Undergraduate Coursework MUSEC


Why People Believe Weird Things: Making Rational Decisions in an Irrational World 

This unit provides an introduction to why people make irrational decisions and how an understanding of the scientific process can assist making rational decisions in everyday life. The unit will include examination of flaws in human perception and cognitive biases, characteristics of pseudoscience, as well as features and limitations of scientific approaches. Principles discussed in the unit will be illustrated with practical examples including paranormal claims, questionable educational interventions and dubious health claims. You will be equipped with tools to evaluate evidence, strengthen your reasoning and improve your decision making in both academic study as well as everyday life.


Creating Effective Learning Environments for Students with Special Needs

MUSEC offers an introductory unit at undergraduate level. SPED101 explores the nature of disability and other special learning needs. Broadly based on a non-categorical model, the emphasis is on what research has determined to be the most effective modes of instruction for students with special needs. The unit also focuses on the features of a scientific approach to education and assists to equip students to become informed consumers of research.

SPED101 is available to all students and is particularly relevant to those studying psychology, linguistics and the humanities as well as education. Students interested in obtaining a recognised qualification in special education should investigate the postgraduate offerings by MUSEC.


Positive Behaviour Management 

This unit will introduce evidence-based practices for creating positive and supportive learning environments, and designing and implementing intervention strategies for children with problem behaviour.

Students must have completed 39 Credit Points to be able to enrol.

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