International Students

International Students

Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC) renowned both nationally and internationally for research and postgraduate teaching in Special Education welcomes applications from international students. Teachers, psychologists, therapists, job support personnel, residential care staff, pre-school workers and other related professionals are all welcome to study Special Education.

As a student at the Macquarie University Special Education Centre you will have access to the latest in university teaching, research and electronic information facilities while completing postgraduate study in the area of Special Education. MUSEC aims to provide a flexible program of study.

MUSEC offers named qualifications in Special Education. Our highly regarded and sought-after graduates are ideally prepared for a career in Special Education.


International students could consider completing a specialised Certificate in Special Education offshore (Learning Difficulties Support, Learning and Behaviour Support and High Support Needs). These certificates comprise three units and can be completed totally offshore. There is no on-campus practicum requirement for off-shore students. Practicum can be completed in offshore sites.

International students should apply through the Macquarie University International Office.

Important points:

Our experience is that students require a high level of English proficiency to successfully negotiate our units. If you have any doubts and concerns please feel free to contact Dr Alison Madelaine by telephone or email.

Please contact Dr Alison Madelaine by telephone or email prior to enrolment to discuss appropriate courses and workload.

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All our courses (along with all other post-graduate programs at Macquarie) will be revised and will operate with new structures from 2015 in order for them to comply with new standards for tertiary programs required by changes to the Australian Qualifications Framework.

PG Certificates (to be called Graduate Certificates) will comprise 4 units (not 3). The PG Diploma (to be called a Graduate Diploma) will comprise 8 units (not 6). The Master of Special Education will comprise 12 units (18 months of full-time study).

For students currently enrolled, there will be no changes. These changes will apply to students who enrol from 2015.

If you are considering upgrading from a certificate or a diploma, you should upgrade your enrolment before the end of 2014, so you can complete the current programs. If you apply for 2015, you will have to complete the new courses.

If you are currently enrolled, and take a break of one calendar year or two semesters and have to apply to re-enrol you will be admitted to the new program.

Please direct all enquiries to: Ms Sharyn Gilkes

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