Distance Study

Distance Study

The following courses of study can be completed by distance:

There is no on-campus practicum requirement for off-shore students.

Postgraduate research programs may also be completed by distance under some circumstances by negotiation with your supervisor.

Why by distance?

The distance programs at Macquarie are ideally suited to part-time students who need to be able to study when and where they like. Whether you live across the road or across the world, a distance program may meet your needs.

What is so different about the distance program at MUSEC?

Let's be honest - distance programs offer great flexibility but many have hardly been renowned for their quality. In developing its distance offerings, MUSEC staff have been committed to providing the same levels of rigour, quality and student support as are available in on-campus offerings. To this end, a combination of interactive video and internet technologies have been developed to provide the flexibility of distance learning without the disadvantages associated with many traditional distance programs. All units have an iLearn site where students can download coursework materials. In fact, our on-campus programs also rely on all of the same flexible delivery methods as the distance offerings. Internal and distance versions of units run in parallel, so you have a large number of other motivated students with whom you can share experience and knowledge. You will be provided with extremely high quality learning materials and extensive personalised support in your studies. That makes our programs very different!

What is involved in completing a distance unit?

The nature of units varies considerably with their content. Completing a unit would typically involve some combination of the following activities:

  • Viewing interactive web-based or ECHO360 presentations, including completion of activities and feedback on your progress.
  • Completing quizzes or self-tests on the unit web site to give you an indication of your progress through topics.
  • Participation in discussion groups on the web site. You can ask questions, receive feedback and offer comments at any time.
  • Completion of readings that are discussed on the web site.
  • Web-based case studies to further develop your practical skills.
  • Private email support from lecturers as needed.
  • Telephone support from lecturers as needed.

What do I need to access a distance program at MUSEC?

You need to be motivated to learn and develop your skills in special education, have access to a PAL DVD player and a computer with internet access. Basic computing skills or access to someone who can guide you is also helpful.

What do other students say about the distance units at MUSEC?

Features of our online units students have found helpful:

  • Reading the bulletin board often helped clarify a topic (plenty of examples presented re a concept). The Discussion Board was also useful for airing ideas and sharing. I am still amazed at how quickly Mark was able to respond to postings. I loved being able to download unit outlines. The self-tests were extremely useful in gauging my understanding. Results of assessment tasks were well presented and much appreciated. The most helpful feature is that it is available 24hr/day, 7 days/week. What can I say?....I have enjoyed it immensely and hope the following courses next semester use an online unit.
  • The flexibility of accessing not just the contents of the course but also reading, interacting and replying to the instructor & others when I had time to absorb and focus made best use of my ability to learn the information that was presented.
  • Online education is one of the good things to come to the education system- some school students could benefit from this form of learning too! Thanks.
  • Easy access wherever you had internet.
  • Easy to use and supportive all the materials and the discussions and the ability to speak to the lecturer when and if necessary. The online video presentation was a great help. Flexibility in hours of access and access to other peoples thoughts and ideas...especially examples of concepts. Being able to ask questions when the work was fresh and having the answers very quickly via the discussion board. That I could complete the material from home but had the opportunity to ask questions if needed. Administrative queries were resolved. Questions about Application exercises were answered. If you didn't understand something you could ask a question instead of struggling. Reading lots of answers and your feedback gave a good indication of the precise meaning of a topic. The self tests were good as the responses were amusing which made it less fraught.
  • The flexible time to do things externally. I work full time and I found this a much easier way of juggling all my responsibilities
  • The flexibility, and access - 24 hours. I also found the video segments and the self-tests very useful. I found that important because you get immediate feedback even though there is not an in class session available.
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