Ms Linda Meeks

Ms Linda Meeks

Macquarie University Special Education Centre

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Title: Research Student
Phone: 02 9850 7880
Fax: 02 9850 8691
Office: X5A 170


My research project aims to determine the best method of providing a comprehensive, coherent, and sustained system of support for beginning teachers in the area of early literacy instruction.

Stage one will be based on an Australia-wide survey of final year primary/early childhood trainee teachers to determine how well prepared they feel for the task of implementing evidence-based, early literacy teaching in the classroom.This will be followed by a literature review of what is seen as current best practice in early literacy instruction.

A second literature review, on the use of coaching to provide support for novice teachers will follow, and the final stage will trial a model of in-school early literacy professional development and coaching for early-career teachers. My supervisors are Dr. Coral Kemp, Associate Professor Jennifer Stephenson, and Dr. Alison Madelaine.


2014Meeks, L., Kemp, C., & Stephenson, J. (2014) Standards in literacy and numeracy: Contributing factors. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 39(7). Retrieved from
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