Ms Leah Browne

Ms Leah Browne

Macquarie University Special Education Centre

MUSEC - Leah Browne 

Title:  Research Assistant (Wed - Fri)
Phone:  02 9850 9691
Fax: 02 9850 8254
Office: X5A 118


Leah is co-ordinating the ARC project "The Efficacy of Models for Educational Service Delivery for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders". She holds a Master of Special Education from MUSEC.


2014Carter, M., Stephenson, J., Clark, T., Costley, D., Martin, J., Williams, K., Browne, L., Davies, L., & Bruck, S. (2014). Perspectives on regular and support class placement and factors that contribute to success of inclusion for children with ASD. Journal of International Special Needs Education, 17(2), 60-69. doi:
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