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Professor Kevin Wheldall, Director of MULTILIT   

MULTILIT® - Making Up Lost Time in Literacy

The MULTILIT® ('Making Up Lost Time In Literacy') Initiative directed by Professor Kevin Wheldall from Macquarie University Special Education Centre, comprises research and development into more effective ways of teaching low-progress students experiencing difficulties in learning literacy skills, carried out in the MULTILIT Tutorial Centre and Clinic, and in outreach programs.

Professor Kevin Wheldall, Director of MULTILIT®

Full details are available on the MULTILIT® website:

In this site you will find information about these MULTILIT® services:

  • MULTILIT Publications for parents and teachers of low-progress readers
  • MULTILIT Clinic for assessments and programs for students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities
  • MULTILIT Consultancy for advice and support to schools, community organisations and other agencies
  • MULTILIT Professional Development for teachers and others in how to use our methods and materials
  • MULTILIT Research for programs of proven efficacy

"The knowledge and practical instructional techniques developed in MULTILIT by the researchers at Macquarie University should inform and enhance initial and remedial literacy instruction throughout Australia and form the core of remedial reading programs in primary and high schools."

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Training Report into the Inquiry into the Education of Boys - Boys: Getting It Right October 2002


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