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Visit us

Lab and Clinic Tours

Visit Macquarie University's Motor Neurone Disease Research Centre and Clinic to experience first-hand the work that is being done to slow and stop MND.

Starting in the clinic, visitors will see where more than 10% of Australia's MND population are cared for by Professor Dominic Rowe and where two Australian first clinical trials are currently in progress.

Friends of Macquarie's MND program will then have the chance to tour the MND research laboratories, meeting with world leading research teams who are tackling MND from all angles in a bid to change the outcome of this lethal disease. Thank you for your interest and support in our effort to beat MND.

Dress code: Enclosed shoes are required for the labs. Visitors will be provided with a lab coat and protective eyewear to wear during the tour.

Children under 12 are not permitted.

Please email Christina Cassidy to register your interest:

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The Multidisciplinary MND Service

Led by Professor Dominic Rowe AM, our clinical team treats 10 percent of all Australians living with MND, and our integrated approach means all patients have access to expert neurological care as well as to a range of allied health professionals - all in one location.

Making MND History

Macquarie has assembled the largest research centre in Australia that is focused solely on finding the causes of MND and developing therapies to cure it. We have recruited some of the best MND researchers in Australia and from around the world, and we have formed national and international collaborations. Our research begins in the MND clinic, with researchers partnering with patients to better understand the causes and biological processes underlying the disease. In the laboratory, we are looking for clues and potential targets for developing therapies to slow and stop the disease in its tracks.

We all work together in the one facility, on the one topic and with one goal –  that is, to stop MND.

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