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Engage with Us

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Participate in our research

Our researchers are looking for children and adults with a range of reading abilities to participate in research that can help us understand the process of skilled reading, how people learn to read, as well as to help develop treatments for reading difficulties including spelling and writing.

To register your child(ren) for research participation please sign up using the following link: https://www.cogsci.mq.edu.au/apps/neuronauts/system/index.php/member/registration

Research participation is through Neuronauts brain science club, see the following link for more details: https://www.cogsci.mq.edu.au/apps/neuronauts/

or contact us directly -

Email: mqcr@mq.edu.au

Twitter: @MQCReading

Web: www.mq.edu.au/research/MQCR

Visit us:

Level 3
Australian Hearing Hub
16 University Avenue
Macquarie University NSW 2109

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