Our people

Our people

Prof Catherine McMahon

H:EAR Director

Professor Catherine McMahon

Professor Catherine McMahon is a researcher, clinical audiologist and Head of Audiology at Macquarie University. McMahon’s research has a strong clinical translational focus that aims to develop improved diagnostics for assessing the benefits of hearing devices, digital processing strategies and training programs for adults with hearing loss. Her research also has a strong focus on understanding the effects of healthcare systems and policies as barriers and facilitators for older adults seeking hearing healthcare.

David McAlpine

Deputy Director

Professor David McAlpine

Professor David McAlpine is the Professor of Hearing, Language & the Brain, and Director of Hearing Research at Macquarie University. While at University College London he oversaw the development of an international leading programme of basic and translational research into hearing and deafness. His own research interests include: binaural hearing, understanding how we listen in noisy environments such as restaurants, bars and streets, cochlear implantation, and potential therapies for hearing problems such as tinnitus.

Executive Members


Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite is Director of the Centre for Healthcare Resilience and Implementation Science. His research interests include management and change in health sector organisations, as well as restructuring health-services based on empirical evidence. He is well known for bringing management and leadership concepts and evidence into the clinical arena.

Henry Bio

Dr Henry Cutler

Dr Henry Cutler is the Director of the Centre for the Health Economy, and has consulted on a wide variety of health and aged care topics for federal and state government departments, not-for-profit organisations and private companies. His work focuses on health care policy evaluation and analysis using a variety of economic tools and modelling techniques.


Dr Isabelle Boisvert

With a background in clinical Audiology, Dr Isabelle Boisvert's research at the Department of Linguistics focuses on using empirical evidence to inform clinical decision-making with regards to treating hearing loss. Her research has led to collaborations with industry and the non-profit sector, and has influenced changes to clinical-practice guidelines


Associate Professor Mridula Sharma

Associate Professor Mridula Sharma is a senior lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, with a clinical background in speech and hearing. Her research centers on speech perception in noise, auditory processing, and management strategies for children and adults with listening difficulties.

Frances Rapport

Professor Frances Rapport

Professor Frances Rapport is Associate Professor of Implementation Science at Macquarie University’s Centre for Healthcare Resilience and Implementation Science. Her research aims to ensure high-quality research is easily translated into implementable healthcare solutions to improve services for patients, and is developing an Implementation Science Stream of research at the Australian Institute for Health Innovation.

Jorg Buchholz

Associate Professor Jorg Buchholz

As an auditory scientist at the National Acoustic Laboratories, Associate Professor Jorg Buchholz’s research interests include developing new hearing assessment methods to better predict the performance of hearing-impaired listeners in real-world situations, and the benefit provided by hearing devices.


Dr Nicole Matthews

Based in the Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies, Dr Nicole Matthews' current research focuses on the convergence between mobile phones and digital hearing aids, and considers the way these technologies might shape the way hearing, hard of hearing, and deaf people imagine assistive technologies and the people who use them.


Professor Enrico Coiera

Professor Enrico Coiera is Director of the Centre for Health Informatics, and his research interests include communication in health-care systems, as well as evidence-based decision support. He’s currently involved in research translating health-care evidence into sustainable clinical practice on a wide scale.

Advisory board members



Distinguished Professor Lesley Hughes

Biological Science; Pro-Vice Chancellor, Research Integrity and Development

Professor Simon Handley

Executive Dean, Faculty Human Sciences

Professor Patrick McNeil

Executive Dean, Faculty Medical & Health Sciences

Professor Mike Heimlich

Associate Dean, International & Corporate Engagement, Faculty of Science

Professor Greg Leigh

Director RIDBC Renwick Centre;  Chair, Australasian Newborn Hearing  Screening Committee

Professor  Chris  Roberts

Former  CEO  of  Cochlear; Member, National  Innovation  and Science Agenda; ‘PLUS’ Professor, UNSW

Amanda Lampe

Former Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Cochlear; former Chief-of-staff to former Prime  Minister Julia  Gillard

Dr Antonio Penna

Director of the Office for Health and Medical Research, NSW Ministry of Health

Professor Anne Schilder

Research Professor, National  Institute  of  Health  Research  UK;  Professor  of Paediatric ORL, UCL Ear Institute, UK

Professor Paul Glasziou

Director, Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice, Bond University; former Director, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford UK

David Brady

Chair, board of Deafness Forum of Australia; Chief Executive, Hear For You

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