Cool Kids Accreditation

Cool Kids Accreditation

Why accreditation

Cool Kids accreditation logoIn 2016 the Centre for Emotional Health introduced an accreditation process for any professional wishing to run the Cool Kids Anxiety program.

The purpose of accreditation is to ensure clients participating in the Cool Kids Anxiety program are receiving treatment the way it was intended and the practitioner delivering the program has met a suitable standard of knowledge to ensure the ongoing quality of the program.

About accreditation

Accreditation requires the professional to demonstrate their ability and skill through a series of assessment tasks. The assessment tasks include a multiple choice quiz, two case studies with questions and two video demonstrations of the required skills in action.

Before undertaking the online accreditation process, you must first complete either online e-training or face-to-face training held at Macquarie University campus.

Grandfather clause

If you completed the face-to-face training (between 2010 and 2016), then you have until December 2017 to become accredited.  You must still meet minimum qualification requirements and complete the online accreditation tasks.The accreditation tasks can be accessed here:  You need to enrol in the 3rd option in the registration area to complete the accreditation only.  If you don't meet minimum qualification requirements then please contact to discuss your options.

Minimum qualification requirements

Anyone wishing to run the program must meet at least one of these qualification requirements:

  • at least undergraduate degree in psychology and experience working with youth with anxiety OR
  • allied mental health providers (such as social workers and occupational therapists) who are registered under Medicare to deliver psychological therapy services and focussed psychological strategies OR
  • school counsellor in a current school counselling role OR
  • post graduate qualification relevant to mental health field and experience OR
  • registered psychologists or registered mental health professional

Occupational therapists, social workers and special education teachers who do not fall into any of the above categories can become accredited as long as they have an undergraduate degree and show proof of completing a CBT course. You must also have some experience working with youth with anxiety. The following online CBT courses will be suitable to complete prior to registering for the Cool Kids online training:

If a person doesn’t fall into any of these categories and would like to run the program, they are welcome to make a case by outlining their qualifications and experience and a determination about suitability will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Time commitment

The Cool Kids e-training consists of approximately five to six hours of video and activity.  There are 12 modules in total which you can start, pause or stop at any time. Depending on how quickly you work through the tasks, accreditation usually takes approximately three hours to complete.You will be given 3 months to complete training and accreditation.

Benefits of accreditation

Accreditation is valid for 5 years and allows the professional to promote themselves as a Cool Kids Accredited provider. Those who successfully attain accreditation will receive an accreditation logo (as show on this page) to use in marketing, and their details will be added to a searchable database of accredited providers. The searchable database will allow the general public to find an accredited Cool Kids provider in their area


If you have any questions about the Cool Kids training, how to become an Accredited Provider our about how to find a Cool Kids Accredited Provider, please contact

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