Media Coverage

Media Coverage

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2016 media coverage

Anxiety in children

Anxiety twice as likely to affect women (audio)

Hoarding Disorder: why is it hard to part with stuff?

Cool Kids goes bush - helping rural children with anxiety

Helping patients cope with cancer

Changing the minds of dementia patients

Genetics guiding anxiety treatment

‘Dumble bragging’ — the one thing Gen Y needs to stop doing

Anxiety most prevalent mental health issue in young children (video)

Are you anxious or just worried?

Why are Australian children more anxious than ever before?

Helping kids who worry to much (audio)

I don't want to go to school

University Burnout: it’s a thing for stressed out students

2015 media coverage

How breast reconstructions works

Older Mothers Study: Do they make better mums?

The truth about Panic Attacks (video)

Are your kids too anxious? (video)

Can You Help us Learn The Best Way to Measure Anxiety in People Over 60?

Therapy sessions help anxious parents raise calm kids

Are creative people more prone to psychological distress or is the ‘mad genius’ a myth?

How to help an anxious child live a full life

Stress gets physical

Children and their emotions

Can you help researchers find the best way to measure anxiety

Are today’s children more anxious

Adolescent emotions expert awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship

Recognising mental health issues in kids

What are you afraid of?

Mental health services face shutdown in 20 days without Abbott government funding

Online mental health provider MindSpot says services for remote areas threatened as funding uncertain

Life is full of Uncertainty, we’ve just got to learn to live with it

Phobias in children could be overcome with help of tuberculosis drug, researchers say

So you can't retire until you're 70...

Battle to get female Viagra on the market in US (from 16:45mins)

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