Summary of Research Findings

Summary of Research Findings

CEH researchers concentrate on the understanding, treatment and prevention of anxiety, depression and related mental health problems. Internationally renowned for our research into anxiety, including several “world first” findings, we have a special focus on children and families but also conduct research that focuses on emotional disorders and wellbeing across the lifespan.

Below are summaries of recent research studies and the practical application of our findings.  If you'd like regular updates about the research we conduct, please sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter.

Child and adolescent emotional health

Anxiety and Peer Victimization: Bidirectional Relationships and Associated Outcomes Transitioning from Childhood to Adolescence (2018)

Depression Literacy and stigma influence how parents perceive and respond to adolescent depressive symptoms (2018)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children With Anxiety and Comorbid Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (2018)

Parental Control of the Time Preadolescents Spend on Social Media: Links with Preadolescents’ Social Media Appearance Comparisons and Mental Health (2018)

Cyber Victimisation and Internalising Difficulties: The Mediating Roles of Coping Self-Efficacy and Emotion Dysregualation (2017)

Comparison of Stepped Care Delivery Against a Single, Empirically Validated Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program for Youth With Anxiety (2017)

Delivery of a Therapist-Facilitated Telecare Anxiety Program to Children in Rural Communities (2017)

The Role of Moral Disengagement on Bullying in Best Friendships (2017)

Managing Family Accommodation of OCD in the Context of Adolescent Treatment Refusal: A Case Example(2016)

D-Cycloserine Enhances Generalization of Fear Extinction in Children PDF, 220.09 KB (2015)

Clinical Predictors of Response to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Pediatric Anxiety Disorders: The Genes for Treatment (GxT) Study PDF, 220.84 KB (2015)

An Investigation into the lower peer liking of anxious than nonanxious children PDF, 271.53 KB (2014)

Risk-taking and inhibitory control in behaviourally inhibited and disinhibited preschool children PDF, 271.23 KB (2014)

Maternal Expectancy Versus Objective Measures of Child Skill: Evidence for Absence of Positive Bias in Mothers' Expectations of Children with Internalizing Disorders  PDF, 312.54 KB(2014)

Longitudinal investigation of the role of temperament and stressful life events in childhood anxiety PDF, 307.87 KB(2013)

Child involvement, alliance, and therapist flexibility: Process variables in cognitive-behavioural therapy for anxiety disorders in childhood  PDF, 309.94 KB(2013)

Predicting outcomes following cognitive behaviour therapy in child anxiety disorders: the influence of genetic, demographic and clinical information  PDF, 307.72 KB(2013)

Substance use and wellbeing

Psychometric validation of the anticipated effects of alcohol mixed with energy drinks scale (2017)

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