2016 Awards

Tall Poppy to anxiety expert Associate Professor Viviana Wuthrich. Awarded by Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS).

Excellence in Service Delivery for the Centre for Emotional Health as awarded by NSW Mental Health Matters.

2015 Awards

The Centre for Emotional Health was well represented at the 2015 Macquarie University Research Awards with 4 nominations out of 11 categories and three wins.

The Genes for Treatment study, which won Professor Jennie Hudson an Excellence in Research award, was part of a multi-site collaboration which included 15 institutions from around the globe. The study was able to identify individual characteristics in children which might lead to poorer outcomes following psychological treatment.

Associate Professor Kay Bussey received the Award for Excellence in Higher Degree Research Supervision in recognition of her mentoring of HDR candidates and also of staff members who are mentoring an HDR candidate for the first time.

Sexual dysfunction is not an area that typically springs to mind when thinking about emotional health. Dr Miriam Forbes explored the link between anxiety, depression and sexual dysfunction in the study which led to her Award for Excellence in Higher Degree Research.

With our ageing population, treatments that support the emotional and mental wellbeing of older adults will become more critical. Jamie Nowlan's study on the effectiveness of positive reappraisal in older adults was Highly Commended for Excellence in Higher Degree Research.

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