Study Without Stress Workshop

Study Without Stress Workshop

HSC in the Holidays: Study Without Stress Workshop

The HSC years can be stressful. An increased academic workload coupled with high expectations to perform often lead to stress and anxiety. This can then lead to a lack of balance between academic pursuits and other activities such as physical and social activity – creating even more stress.

What if we told you the HSC years can be less stressful? What if we told you there’s a 2 hour workshop which aims to provide you skills to study and perform in exams more effectively and with less stress?

The 2 hour workshop run during the July 2017 school holidays will teach you:

  • Why and how your body reacts to stress
  • How unhelpful thinking, perfectionism and procrastination may be sabotaging you
  • The importance of social and physical pursuits to maintain balance

By the end of the session, you will have the tools to:

  • Change the way you view school and exam stress
  • Tips to deal with work avoidance and unrealistic expectations
  • Tips for tackling exam anxiety

Click here to register your interest for 2017.

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