Engage with us

Engage with us

Professional development workshops

The CEH Professional Development Workshop Series gives you the opportunity to network, learn from your peers and colleagues from other sectors of the industry and develop as a practitioner. These one-day events, held at Macquarie, are designed to inspire, encourage and challenge you as a psychologist and support you as a professional.

Save the dates for the following workshops - more details to follow!

23 August 2019 - Study Without Stress.

20 September 2019 - Cool Kids.

15 November 2019 - ADHD.

See our current list of workshops.

Enquire about our workshops

CPD hours can be claimed at your own discretion and a certificate of attendance will be provided.

We are also able to deliver full-day professional development at a location of your choice. For more information, please contact ceh.info@mq.edu.au.

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On-site presentations

We recognise the importance of improving awareness of anxiety and other emotional health problems to encourage help seeking and prevention. We can send a presenter to educate your staff, school community or local area community.

How to book a presenter

Presentations are generally one hour (45-minute presentation plus 15 minutes Q&A) and are delivered by trained professionals. Fees apply.

To secure a presenter, please complete this form and return it to nicholle.mcniece@mq.edu.au or phone Nicholle McNiece on 02 9850 4084.

Visit the Centre for Emotional Health

The Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) regularly hosts visits from academics, postdoctoral fellows, PhD candidates and other students. If are you interested in spending time at the CEH you’ll need to:

  • demonstrate your area of research is aligned with the work of the CEH
  • nominate a member of the CEH academic staff who could be the host of your visit

Please review our list of member to determine which of our team is most closely aligned with your area of research and nominate them in the online form, below, as your potential ‘CEH host’.

Request to visit

How long can I visit?

The Centre for Emotional Health can accommodate short term (less than 6 weeks) and longer term (greater than 6 weeks but less than 3 months) visits.

Visits of longer than 3 months may be arranged in special circumstances.

Short-term visitors (<6 weeks):

Visitors staying for less than 6 weeks will generally need to bring their own laptop and and Australian converter if from overseas. An MQID, Wi-Fi access and library access if required, along with a desk, will be provided. Please give at least 30 business days notice to make arrangements for visits of this length.

Longer-term visitors (>6 weeks but <3 months):

Visitors staying for more than 6 weeks will need to be officially appointed through the University HR processes, in addition to the creation of an MQ ID and allocation of a desk. Therefore we ask you to provide at least 90 business days notice for longer-term visits.

Media coverage

If you are from a media organisation and are looking for expert commentary from a CEH spokesperson, please contact: nicholle.mcniece@mq.edu.au or 02 9850 4084.


The Centre for Emotional Health is keen to build partnerships with other universities with whom we share common interests and goals.

In 2017 the Centre formalised its working relationship with the Anxiety and Depression in Young People (AnDY) Research Clinic at Reading University.

The partnerships offers:

  • Joint PhDs for psychology students of either institution
  • Co-tutelle opportunities
  • Staff exchanges
  • Collaborative research projects

If you’re a PhD candidate interested in studying abroad as part of your course work, please contact jennie.hudson@mq.edu.au or c.s.creswell@reading.ac.uk.

If you’re from a university that would like to discuss partnership opportunities with the Centre for Emotional Health please contact jennie.hudson@mq.edu.au.

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