CEPET Successful in 2017 ARC Linkage Project Funding Scheme

CEPET Successful in 2017 ARC Linkage Project Funding Scheme

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Associate Professor Barbara Griffin and a multidisciplinary team of members from Macquarie University's Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise, and Training (CEPET) have been awarded $370,000 in the 2017 Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project funding scheme for their project entitled ‘Enhancing Lifeguard Performance: A Multidisciplinary Approach'.

In collaboration with YMCA NSW, this research aims to provide evidence-based solutions for selecting, training, and maintaining performance of lifeguards by investigating the little-known factors that affect vigilance, scanning, and sustained attention.

The ultimate goal is to help create the safest possible environment at public aquatic centres.

In a recent interview, Associate Professor Griffin said that “lifeguards are vital for maintaining public safety at aquatic venues, however despite their presence, fatal and non-fatal drownings occur every year with little known about the factors that affect vigilance, scanning, and sustained attention in such a complex, dynamic environment. We will be drawing on a range of theoretical, empirical, and methodological approaches from the disciplines of organisational psychology, human factors, cognitive science, and computer science to investigate solutions for this devastating problem".

Associate Professor Griffin (Department of Psychology) will lead the multi-disciplinary team that includes Professor Mark Wiggins (Psychology), Associate Professor Anina Rich (Cognitive Science), Dr Kim Curby (Psychology), Dr Melanie Taylor (Psychology), Dr Kirk Olsen (Psychology), Associate Professor Manolya Kavakli (Computer Science), and Ms Lisa Giacomelli (YMCA NSW).

The award is a tremendous acknowledgement of Barbara and the team's research profiles and strong connection with YMCA NSW. Congratulations!

For more information, please contact CEPET Manager: Research and Engagement, Dr. Kirk Olsen (kirk.olsen@mq.edu.au)

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