CEPET Annual Conference

CEPET Annual Conference

2018 CEPET Annual Conference

'High-Stakes Expertise'

Macquarie University, November 12-13, 2018

Exploring expertise in high-stakes environments across
cybersecurity, defence, sport and the arts

Achieving expertise in any arena is generally seen as a beneficial and productive goal. But what if deploying your expertise has dramatic, long-term and far-reaching implications?

Responding to cybersecurity and defence-related threats, performing well on the sporting field or holding an audience’s attention during a live performance are all high-stakes situations that depend on acquiring and applying expertise.

Held on November 12-13, Macquarie University’s 3rd Annual Conference of the Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training seeks to explore the world of high-stakes expertise through a series of presentations by high-profile scholars and practitioners.

By focusing on four arenas that can affect the wider community – cybersecurity, defence, sport and the arts – we will investigate if expertise is unique and how we can acquire expertise, foster expertise in these contexts and maintain expert performance over time.

Ideal for academics, business leaders and those interested in elite level performance, this conference will explore how existing models of expertise might be applied in high-stakes environments; what organisations need to do to develop, retain and reward expertise; and how maintaining high-stakes expertise affects practitioners.

Conference registration and program will be available soon. Please see below for a draft overview of each day's proceedings. Further enquiries can be made by emailing Dr. Kirk Olsen, CEPET Manager: Research and Engagement (kirk.olsen@mq.edu.au).

Draft Program Overview

Day 1: Monday, November 12, 2018




Introduction and welcome


Keynote 1: TBC


Morning tea


Paper session 1: Defence




Paper session 2: Cybersecurity


Afternoon tea


Keynote 2: Dr. Siva Sivasubramanian (Chief Information Security Officer, Optus Australia)


Conference networking drinks @ MQ UBAR

Day 2: Tuesday November 13, 2018




Keynote 3: Associate Professor Ian Renshaw (Queensland University of Technology)


Morning tea


Paper session 3: Sport (including an expert panel of elite Australian national and international sports champions)




Keynote 4: Professor Dianna Kenny (University of Sydney)


Paper session 4: Arts


Closing remarks and conference close

Keynote Speakers

Siva S.Dr. Siva Sivasubramanian

Chief Information Security Officer, Optus Australia

Dr. Sivasubramanian is a well-rounded IT professional with rich senior management experience gained by working for organisations around the world. He was recently the Global Chief of Security for Bharti Airtel, where he harmonized different facets of telecom security, namely IT, Network, Regulatory and Physical security functions to offer an integrated security front to combat emerging cyber threats. Dr. Sivasubramanian is now in Australia as the CISO of SingTel Optus and has successfully transformed a back office security function into a strategic business enabler and a channel for enhancing customer experience. Siva is a keen researcher of Corporate Innovation, enjoys increasing organizational innovativeness by working on mindsets at the grassroots levels to foster a wider innovation culture.

Ian RenshawDr. Ian Renshaw

Technical University of Queensland, Australia

Dr. Ian Renshaw is a Senior Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.  He is a former P.E. teacher, who’s day job has been about teaching and researching sports coaching, skill acquisition and sport psychology for over 25 years. Outside of this, Ian has coached and continues to coach a range of sports, but largely focuses on cricket coaching from 8 year olds through to adults, football and rugby union. Ian is particularity interested in developing constraint-led approaches for P.E. and coaching.

Dianna KennyProfessor Dianna Kenny

University of Sydney, Australia

Dianna is a Professor of Psychology, consulting psychologist, psychotherapist, mediator, expert reviewer, report writer, supervisor, researcher, and author. She is an international authority on the treatment of music performance anxiety.

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