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Stepped Care Effectiveness Trial for Ageing Adults mentioned in the media

Professor Viviana Wuthrich was on 2SER 15th of June 2020 discussing mental health concerns of the elderly and how to assist your loved ones in these difficult times as well as talking about her current study ‘Stepped Care Effectiveness trial for Ageing Adults’ for more information on the trail click here

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Social Participation outcomes in older Adults with depression and Anxiety (SPAA) trial in the Media

Professor Viviana Wuthrich has been sharing about the causes of loneliness in older adults as well as the new SPAA Trial with 2SER Radio 14th of February, 2020 and on ABC Radio National 702 with James Valentine  

For more information about the trial, click here.

AAG Conference

Australian Association of Gerontology Conference

Recently several of our members attended the Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference held in Sydney.

To see what they got up to, check out this video.

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