Enabling personalised cohort studies at the point-of-care

Enabling personalised cohort studies at the point-of-care

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Associate Professor Blanca Gallego Luxan
T: +612 9850 2479
E: blanca.gallegoluxan@mq.edu.au

Project main description

While clinicians provide treatment decisions and prognoses for individual patients, traditional models of evidence are mostly based on averages over potentially heterogeneous populations. Furthermore, there are important, well-documented gaps in the evidence base. Randomised control trials often fail to represent real-world patient populations for whom interventions may be applied to. At the same time, limited resources, ethical, logistic and commercial reasons make some clinical trials unfeasible. These limitations represent a significant barrier to lowering the cost of healthcare and improving quality of care.

We propose the automated generation and analysis of personalised cohorts at the point-of-care to aid clinicians make prognoses and treatment decisions for individual patients in the absence of high-quality evidence. This project pushes the boundaries of e-health research combining advanced and innovative methods in epidemiology and machine learning to answer specific questions about specific patients in real time.

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  1. Gallego B, Walter SR, Day RO et al. Bringing cohort studies to the bedside: framework for a ‘green button’ to support clinical decision-making. J. Comp. Eff. Res. DOI: 10.2217/CER.15.12 (2015)

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Macquarie University

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