Automated surveillance of IT systems

Automated surveillance of IT systems

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Patient Safety Informatics

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Project members - Macquarie University

Associate Professor Farah Magrabi - Associate Professor

Dr Ying Wang - Research Fellow

Dr Mei-Sing Ong - Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Mi Ok Kim - PostDoctoral Research Fellow

Project contact

Associate Professor Farah Magrabi
T: +612 9850 2429

Project main description

Currently, most safety problems are detected when health professionals report incidents. Since they are not expert in technology, many software problems either go undetected, or are detected only after an adverse event. Moreover, IT systems are made up of multiple disparate components which interact to produce new emergent behaviours that only become evident after they are deployed in the real world. Based on syndromic surveillance methods used for the early detection of disease outbreaks, our research monitors IT systems in real timeto detect early any software and user generated errors in clinical information that might lead to an adverse event. The goal is to develop a surveillance framework for the early detection of e-health-related adverse events, so as to minimise risks to patient safety. Specifically, the research aims to develop:

  • fault-detection methodologies to facilitate automated detection of e-health-related adverse events in real time
  • intelligent predictive models to forecast potential future e-health-related adverse events.

Opportunities (scholarships, grants and research positions)

Our postgraduate programs allow candidates to undertake advanced research leading to a Master's or PhD degree under the supervision of experienced senior research staff in one of AIHI’s research areas. Current research opportunities at AIHI.


  1. Ong MS, Magrabi F, Coiera E. Syndromic surveillance for health information system failures: a feasibility study. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2013;20(3):506-12.

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Macquarie University

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