Ms Antoinette Pavithra

Ms Antoinette Pavithra

Antoinette Pavithra
PhD Candidate and
Research Assistant



Antoinette Pavithra is a PhD candidate and Research Assistant at the Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation. Her current research explores the theoretical and practical factors that influence the efficacy of culture change interventions within healthcare systems.

She has previously conducted and assisted with research using mixed methods to understand and map far-right extremism within Australia, clinical and surgical communication between healthcare professionals and patients, mental health wearable device deployment and use, and the construction of Aboriginal identity through commercial state-driven and community-run tourism initiatives in Australia.

She has also worked with students internationally and in Australia, tutoring, mentoring, coaching and lecturing across units in English Literature and Medical Anthropology. Her research interests span healthcare systems practices, patient safety, digital healthcare, human-technology assemblages, mental health, justice and society, and open knowledge production practices

Education/Academic qualification

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Communication Studies, English Literature), Bangalore University, India

Master of Arts (English - Literature, Linguistics, Cultural Studies), Bangalore University, India

Master's by Research (Anthropology - Global Health, Medical Anthropology), Macquarie University, Australia

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