Work innovation, communication and eHealth

Work innovation, communication and eHealth

Understanding the way clinical care is delivered is central to supporting effective and safe care delivery models including the design of new service models. Applying novel measurement techniques, the Centre has undertaken leading research investigating the impact of cognitive load (e.g. interruption and multitasking) on error production and patient safety. Information and communication technologies (ICT) can be used to potentially reduce cognitive load, supporting clinicians in dynamic clinical environments, but research is required to understand how best to design these systems to meet users’ needs. ICT also provides the opportunity to reshape the composition of teams who deliver care, and the processes of care delivery. ICT may both enhance and disrupt patterns of work. Our research investigates patterns of clinicians’ work, and how ICT influences workflow and workloads. We apply a broad range of methods including direct observational methods, social network analysis and qualitative techniques. Projects have included investigation of the relationship between organisational culture and ICT use, the impact of electronic health record systems on workflow and efficiency, and clinicians’ actions in response to electronic decision support alerts. This research covers broad discipline areas such as cognitive psychology, process engineering, communication processes, health informatics and operations research.

Stream Team Members

Professor Johanna WestbrookAssociate Professor Melissa BaysariAssociate Professor Ling Li
Dr Neroli SunderlandDr Mirela PrgometDr Scott Walter
Dr Ryan McMullanDr Judith Thomas 

Selected Stream Projects

An evaluation of indication-based pre-written orders for antibiotics

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