Health analytics

Health analytics

The unprecedented availability of digital biomedical data and enabling technology to collect, store and analyse this data, has just started to transform health care from traditional models to learning health care systems, where research and practice are integrated in a sustained manner. These new learning health care systems require new methods where analytics are performed in real time at the point-of-care. At the Health Analytics Lab at AIHI, we are designing, developing and testing such models so that they can be implemented in future Electronic Health Record systems.

Our core strength lies in the combination of deep analytic and computing theory and methods with understanding of clinical decision support systems. This enables us to advance the scientific knowledge of health analytics while translating our research. We welcome researchers, clinicians and students who wish to pursue excellence in analytics and technology and share a common interest in health informatics.

For more information or to join our team

Contact Dr Blanca Gallego-Luxan, 2 9850 2435

Stream Team Members

Blanca Gallego Luxan

Associate Professor

Thierry Wendling

Research Fellow

William Tong

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Georgina Kennedy

PhD Candidate and Research Assistant

Mohamed Khalifa

PhD Candidate and Research Assistant

Elliott (Jie) Zhu

PhD Candidate

Maisie Lee


Selected Stream Projects

Real-time prediction of remaining days of hospitalisation, readmission and death
Enabling personalised cohort studies at the point-of-care
Temporal Patterns of Patient Safety and Quality of Care

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