About us

About us


  1. To promote the health and well-being of individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions and their families
  2. To enhance our understanding and management of neurodevelopment conditions

The Centre aligns with the University’s visions for better integrated research, teaching and clinical service provision with the objective to influence health and education policy and practice.

Functions of the Centre

Functions of the Centre for Atypical Neurodevelopment (CAN) include:

  1. To promote and support high quality research on neurodevelopmental conditions at Macquarie University
  2. To facilitate the research of students engaged in postgraduate degrees at Macquarie University, Early Career Researchers and Academics
  3. To encourage information and resource sharing and collaborative research between Centre members, health and education professionals and the community
  4. To facilitate the recruitment and retention of participants for cross-disciplinary research on neurodevelopmental conditions
  5. To promote and disseminate the work of CAN members
  6. To develop links between Centre members and families, support groups, and service providers working with people with neurodevelopmental conditions
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