Visiting scholar program

Visiting scholar program

SCML research hub welcomes applications from academics who want to carry out research as visiting scholars at Macquarie University. Visitors participate in and enrich the research-intensive and vibrant communal life of the research hub, which is part of the Department of Anthropology.

Unfortunately, not all prospective visitors can be accommodated.

Visits may be as short as one week or as long as six months. Only in exceptional cases are one-year visits are possible, in particular from visitors holding externally funded fellowships.

Visiting scholars are generally provided with a library carrel or office, desktop computer and library access while based at the Department of Anthropology, subject to availability.

Visitors not only join in the SCML's activities but also the academic life of the Department of Anthropology, including seminars and public lectures.

In general our research hub is unable to facilitate visits by PhD students from other institutions.

Further information

For further information about the visiting scholar program, please contact the Director, Dr Gabriele Marranci

Application process

To apply, send the following documents by email to the Director,

  1. a completed Vistors Program Application Form
  2. a research proposal (not more than 1500 words) that sets out the research project that will be carried out during the visit and details any planned collaboration with our research hub
  3. a  brief curriculum vitae that includes details of academic employment, qualifications and publications

Applications are considered six months in advance of the proposed visit and all applicants will be notified as soon as possible after a decision is reached.

Visiting scholar guidelines

SCML considers the following criteria when assessing applications from visitors:

  1. the applicant's CV
  2. the applicant's home institution - our research hub seeks to strengthen its existing research linkages through visits from scholars based at institutions with which it has relationships or hopes to form links
  3. the applicant's commitment to the visit if it is approved
  4. links with research being carried out in the SCML and potential contribution to its intellectual life and the Department of Anthropology through seminars or workshops
  5. the dates of the proposed visit
  6. the applicant's English language proficiency

Visa information

International visitors will usually require a visa to enter Australia. It is the visitor's responsibility to obtain the appropriate visa. It may take several months to obtain a visa; it is therefore important to lodge the visitor application (and if approved, the visa application) early.

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